BIKER’S RUN by Ali Atwood

BIKER’S RUN by Ali Atwood
Biker's Run
by Ali Atwood

Series: Shifters and Lovers #3
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Securecon, Inc. specialists Noah Nicklin and Brandon Montgomery, who are lion shifters as well, are enlisted to join a DEA task force. The team is planning to infiltrate a vicious biker gang in order to get information on a powerful drug cartel doing business with them.  Both shifters are fully committed to doing the job, but Noah has a weakness that’s riding him hard.  He’s lusting after the human member of their trio, DEA agent Logan Ripley.


Hardened from years of childhood abuse at the hands of his drug addicted father Logan isn’t cut out for more than one night stands.  The agent is doing everything he can to stay clear of the lion while at the same time doing his job.  When he looks into the shifter’s eyes he sees someone who wants a forever kind of love and that’s not him.


Joining the biker gang Pagan Sons proves easier than expected, which leaves the three wondering whether they’re that good or have they been made?  Gathering intel and staying alive may be less difficult than keeping a lion at arm’s length.  Maybe, maybe not.


Blending undercover work with a forbidden romance the Shifters and Lovers series returns.  Biker’s Run goes down and dirty into the danger of government agents and motorcycle gangs.  Patience is everything in this hot romance and intelligence gathering tale.  At times uneven pacing slows the drama down, but the clashing shifter and human make Biker’s Run a worthwhile story.

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