Binding Robbie
by A. C. Katt

Published by MLR Press Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Tossed on the street at the tender age of fifteen after his parents die and relatives take charge, his life is destroyed because he’s gay. Robbie believes he has nowhere to turn and spends the next six years barely surviving, yet when another throwaway boy ends up in the same state Robbie shows the boy how to stay alive.  That boy is Danny, now safe and happy with his Dom Gary, who realizes the young man huddled in a box in the freezing weather is his long lost savior.


Hospitalized with pneumonia and severe malnutrition the submissive club from BDSM club Indiscreet rally around Robbie.  Even when he denies being a submissive the boys insist on helping Robbie get on his feet.  They already have a place for him to stay and a job once he’s well.  The subs even plan to figure out a way to legally get Robbie’s inheritance from his greedy aunt and uncle.


Recently hired as the Director of Security at Indiscreet, Tom Martino was a ten year veteran with the Trenton police dept before accepting his new position.  The job fits his personality nicely and he’s a big enough dreamer to wish he’d find his own submissive partner.


Tom learned patience as a cop which comes in handy after meeting Robbie.  No matter how hard the redhead denies it, the Dom sees his match in the naïve sub.  Robbie is having so much thrown at him at the moment.  Tom knows to quietly wait, letting the sub know he’s got his back.  When, not if, Robbie is ready to accept the truth Tom is right there.


The whole gang from the Indiscreet series is back to meddle and love again.  Binding Robbie sensitively entertains with an uplifting story about a homeless young man and a lonely adult.  The character driven tale zeroes in on a difficult subject matter.  Robbie is lucky in a kind of pay it forward once in a blue moon situation.  The BDSM aspect is clearly explained though physical actions are very light.  Each new drama is well laid out except perhaps Robbie’s mental issues.  For the most part his problems are understandable, yet suddenly at the end it’s much worse?  Regardless, Binding Robbie is a feel good, entertaining story and makes much of the camaraderie from the gang at Indiscreet.

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