BLACK FALLEN by Elle Jasper

BLACK FALLEN by Elle Jasper
Black Fallen
by Elle Jasper

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Published by Penguin Genres: Fiction, Paranormal
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Blood Mark After surviving life-threatening bites from three powerful strigoi vampires, tattoo artist Riley Poe has absorbed their powers and is stronger than ever. Just as she’s learning to harness her newfound abilities, she and her vampire guardian fiancé, Eli Dupré, agree to join the elite Worldwide Unexplained Phenomena team. This task force, composed of vampires, druids, werewolves, and otherbeings, has been assigned to take down the Black Fallen, a powerful race of fallen angels consumed by the darkest magic. These dangerous creatures are searching for the ultimate source of power in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Riley will be the WUP team’s secret weapon to take them down. She must be careful, though, or their dark power could engulf her—and her heart, too....

Riley Poe and her vampire guardian fiancé, Eli Dupre, have traveled to Scotland, along with a few other vampires to help Worldwide Unexplained Phenomenon (WUP), an elite team they have agreed to help.  Each member of the small team has unique gifts that will help the task force.  The current mission is to bring down the Black Fallen, a group of fallen angels that have been overcome by the darkest of magic and now use it to get whatever they want and they want is the source of power that could make them unstoppable.


Riley and Eli are training hard with the rest of the team when it becomes apparent that at least one of the members of the Black Fallen has become aware of them.  During what should have been a simple and semi relaxing training run between Riley and Eli turns deadly and at the end, only Riley returns to the team’s headquarters.  Riley knows that Eli is out there and not dead and that only defeating the Black Fallen will give her the keys to find her fiancé.  Now it’s a deadly Riley who seeks out the fallen angels determined to destroy all of them and the power they want so badly.  A fierce battle incurs between Riley and the rest of the WUP team and the Black Fallen.  When the dust settles who will still be standing strong and will Riley find the way to rescue Eli and bring him home safe?


When a woman has strong gifts that can be used against you, it’s a really bad idea to threaten those she loves.  In Black Fallen, Riley learns just how strong and deadly her gifts can be when her lover, guardian and fiancé, Eli, is taken by the very group of fallen angels they and the rest of their team are hunting.  I knew that Riley was still learning just what she was now with the help of Eli and other vampires, but I think when Eli was taken, a deadly flame was lit in Riley and now anyone behind keeping her from Eli is at risk.  The love between Riley and Eli is very apparent to anyone observing them, so I wasn’t surprised when Riley fought even harder when that battle happened.  Now I’m waiting for the next book so I can, hopefully, see the loving reunion of Riley and Eli.  I’m also keeping an eye out for a couple of other vampires that might be jumping a bit too fast and could be burned for it.  Black Fallen is dark and full of fast paced action, but with a touch of true love that exists between Riley and Eli.  A definite keeper for any paranormal library.


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