BLACK MAGIC by Cherry Adair

BLACK MAGIC by Cherry Adair
Black Magic
by Cherry Adair

Published by Pocket Star Genres: Paranormal
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Geologist and Aequitas warrior Jackson Slater has used magic all his life.  Sara Temple rejected and began to fear her magical powers the night of her parents’ deaths.  Once deeply in love, now bitter exes, Jack and Sara want nothing more than to never see one another again.  But when an ancient evil threatens not just wizards, but the entire world, the Wizard Council throws Jack and Sara back into each others’ lives by commanding they work together to stop it.  Past wounds threaten to derail their investigation, but Sara and Jack learn that their love has never really died.  Can they heal the wounds of their past to have a future together?  Or will the evil they face destroy Jack, Sara, and everything they love before they have a chance to find out?


The classic tale of good versus evil gets an inventive new spin in the dark and dangerous Black Magic.  Having never read any of Cherry Adair’s books, I was excited to adventure into the world of Aequitas and Omnivatics and Ms. Adair doesn’t hold back from making her bad guys very bad indeed.  As for our protagonists, I adored Jack.  He’s sexy as hell and just a touch grouchy, which actually managed to add to his appeal (bravo, Ms. Adair).  I quite liked Sara as well, though at times I admit I wanted to shake her for not being willing to listen to Jack when it came to people who were obviously untrustworthy.  Though Ms. Adair tried to explain why said people had Sara’s trust, it was a matter of tell more than show, so that part of the story made me a bit unsympathetic towards Sara.  Still, when the good kind of sparks flew between Sara and Jack, I loved watching them together.  They suffered some awful hits in the past and I wanted to see them get their happily ever after together because Ms. Adair made me believe they definitely deserved it.  Black Magic is by turns sensual, thrilling, and (when it comes to the bad guys) just a bit creepy, which made the book all the more interesting.  Black Magic was an altogether engaging read and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Adair’s work.


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