BLADE SONG by J.C. Daniels

BLADE SONG by J.C. Daniels
Blade Song
by J. C. Daniels

Series: Colbana Files #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Kit Colbana faces life with determination and sass.  As a half-breed, she has been an assassin, a thief and several other things during her life and now she is a PI.  Kit will usually take on jobs that no one else will touch.  A new assignment has walked in her door, one that Kit is not able to say no to – to track down and bring home the ward of one of the local shapeshifter alphas or die. 

What looked like an easy job has unexpected complications and one of them is the shapeshifter named Damon who has been assigned to shadow her.  Kit might have been tricked into accepting this assignment but she has a weakness for kids and would have taken it anyway. Now she has a hunky shifter following her that Kit isn’t sure will help her or help do her in.  Clues begin to show Kit that this is not a simple runaway as she was lead to believe and even worse, it is beginning to appear that something deadly is happening paranormal children and teens.  Kit’s attention is also being divided due to an attraction that is developing between her and Damon, who also seems to be more than advertised.  Kit is determined to not only complete her job but to also free any other kids she finds and to bag the people behind the atrocities that Kit has uncovered.

When you have a job that no one in their sane mind will take, who do you contact but a sassy half breed assassin turned PI, which is what happened in Blade Song.  I could tell that a lot of Kit’s bravo was masking fears but it never stopped her from doing whatever she knew needed to be done.  When Damon showed up, I wondered if Kit would kiss him or kill him before it was over.  I loved how Kit used everything, all contacts and every viable angle and a few unviable angles, to find the leads she needed to get the taken kids.  Watching Kit gain a pseudo family and then a sexy and protective lover had me smiling for her. I had no doubt that Kit would not only complete the job, but also would go beyond and destroy the ring she located and she definitely did that.  I can tell already that I will love Kit as this series goes on.  I’m still not sure about Damon but I’m ready to give him a chance also.  Blade Song is full of action from the first page until the last page and also full of unexpected twists and turns and just a touch of passion.  A great leading book to a series I’m looking forward to following.

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