BLAKE’S HOME by Cheryl Dragon

BLAKE’S HOME by Cheryl Dragon
Blake's Home
by Cheryl Dragon

Series: The Love Shack #1
Published by Loose Id Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Life has never been easy or simple for Blake Louis.  With a drug addicted mother, unknown father, and uncaring relatives who raised him, tolerated him and little else he’s never had a free ride.  Blake is also burdened with a secret that he doesn’t fully understand though it’s an integral part of him. He’s a shifter, a bobcat shifter.  His mother thought it was a hallucination, his aunt and uncle felt it was a demon to be beaten from Blake’s body. He left the day he turned eighteen.


Drifting from one ranch to the next over the years Blake picked up many skills along the way always hoping to find a place to plant some roots.  He wanted to settle down and make a home.  Unfortunately, the moment they found out he was gay problems began.  Blake also had to let his bobcat free on occasion and sometimes that was difficult too.


The White Ranch is the best place he’s worked at for as long as Blake can remember. The owners, the White family are fair and decent bosses.  Their youngest son, Jared has become a good friend though Blake tries to keep some distance because of his huge crush on the rancher.   And all the ranches in the area came together to build a place called the Love Shack where the men can blow off steam, including using the back rooms.  Having his sexuality not be a problem is a new concept for Blake so it’s taking some time for him to openly visit the Love Shack though it hasn’t stopped his dreams of Jared.  If Blake can quietly let his bobcat free without worry he will never want to leave.  Dreaming of a home with Jared is too much to hope for…


Blake’s Home takes a matter of fact approach to several ‘touchy’ subject matters and comes out on top.  Child abuse, neglect, and a lack of love made a drifter out of Blake.  This character yearns for a home more than anything.  His sexuality and his shifting ability lead Blake to think he can never have what he wants, yet he goes through life with such nobility.  The storyline is laid out as a straightforward contemporary romance and then hits readers with differing sexuality situations and shifting abilities.  Cleverly balancing several plotlines in an entertaining way with characters who speak to the reader, Blake’s Home is a wonderful start to a new series.

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