BLOOD OF AN ANGEL by Stephani Hecht

BLOOD OF AN ANGEL by Stephani HechtBlood of an Angel by Stephani Hecht
Series: Drone Vampire Chronicles #15
Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Reviewed by Shayna

Since learning of his heritage, warlock Lachlan has had trouble embracing his angel side.  Lachlan doesn’t want to have anything to do with his angel powers, but circumstances are forcing his hand; namely, the words of an oracle who claims Lachlan will be the one to end the war between his coven/clan and the evil powers of the Ninth and VRF.  When Lachlan gives into his feelings for Drone vampire Jeremy, his destiny begins to take shape.  With Jeremy at risk, Lachlan will do anything to protect him — including becoming the warlock-angel he’s always been meant to be.

There’s no arguing with fate in Blood of an Angel.  Lachlan and Jeremy’s story is one of my favorites in the Drone Vampire Chronicles.  Lachlan is a warlock wrestling with developing angel powers he neither wants nor believes he can handle well enough to do what everyone expects him to do.  But whether or not he wants to be part angel, Lachlan steps up and does what’s necessary when the time comes, earning him my respect.  As much as I liked Lachlan, my favorite character in Blood of an Angel is Jeremy.  Jeremy is sweet, awkward, and a bit geeky, making him stand out from the crowd of badass vampires.  He endeared himself to me right from the start and there’s something so energetic about him that I smile just thinking about him.  I loved how he and Lachlan are together and their love story was as engaging as the non-romance elements of the plot.

Blood of an Angel is the fifteenth book in Stephani Hecht’s Drone Vampire Chronicles.  I recommend reading the series in order because of some overarching storylines, but you won’t be lost if you read Blood of an Angel as a standalone.  I admit, the most exciting part of the book for me (yes, even overshadowing Jeremy and Lachlan) was the inclusion of past heroes and heroines from Ms. Hecht’s Archangels series.  I admit I’m biased in this regard, as the Archangels are my favorite series of Ms. Hecht’s.  I was worried the two series wouldn’t mesh together well, but Ms. Hecht handles this part of the story beautifully.  There was an inconsistency or two in the story which kept it from being a perfect read, but overall I adored Blood of an Angel.

Note: Even though the cover labels Blood of an Angel as the sixteenth book in the series, it is actually the fifteenth book.

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