BLOOD TIES by Lavinia Lewis

BLOOD TIES by Lavinia Lewis
Blood Ties
by Lavinia Lewis

Series: The Vanguard Vampires #1
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Eldest son of the queen, vampire prince Thomas Vandguard has heavy responsibilities.  As Keeper of the Guard Thomas is in charge of the Tutelaries or warriors who protect the vampire race and the royal family in particular.  A century long feud with the Gemmelli family has left a weighty death count on both sides.  Their enemy fuels the war by creating Drones – vampires made from humans while the Tutelaries are strictly born vampires.


It was a Drone who killed Jacob Carver, the love of Thomas’s life.  Long, lonely decades have made the vampire prince understandably bitter.  Finding someone to love again is almost as scary as wonderful for him.  Each day he fears losing Daniel Alexander to their enemy.  Daniel’s wish to be changed has so far fallen on deaf ears as Thomas believes his love would take too many chances once made stronger.  As the enemy gains ground and Thomas looses loved ones it all comes down to trust and faith.


An emotionally fraught drama begins with Blood Ties.  The first book in The Vanguard Vampires series packs a powerful punch with lead characters Prince Thomas and his consort Daniel.  No one is safe from harm in this deadly tale.  Suspense goes hand in hand with romance in Blood Ties.  Faced with danger on a daily basis the lovers aren’t exempt from sorrow as the story reaches its climax.  Risking everything for love Blood Ties is a terrific beginning.

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