BLUE LINES by Toni Aleo

BLUE LINES by Toni AleoBlue Lines by Toni Aleo
Series: Assassins #4
Genres: Contemporary, Sports
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Published by Loveswept



Piper Allen spent the night with Erik Titov months ago, now she is six months pregnant and she’s only confided in two people. Now it’s time to tell Erik. Piper knows he isn’t going to take it well at all, after their night together he said it was a mistake and he’s been avoiding her ever since. When Erik needs help to get back into the good graces of Assassins management, he asks Piper to help him with his image. He’ll become a family man, he proposes that their marriage can end after their baby is born, but the more time these two spend together the more they become a real family. The marriage may have an expiration date but Piper will give it her all in the hopes that Erik will change his mind and stay.


Have you ever felt like you had waited forever for a book to come out and hope it’s as good as you were anticipating? Blue Lines was that book for me. When Piper was talking about her crush on the playboy Erik Titov from Empty Net, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their story. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely, and oh boy I now have a new book boyfriend in Erik.


Holy hell, Ms. Aleo put these two through the ringer! I absolutely loved Piper and Erik together. Piper was smart, feisty and a lover. Even though she didn’t plan to get pregnant she handled everything that Erik threw at her like a champ, when I would have probably committed murder. From the beginning Erik acts like a total d***, but as Blue Lines progresses, I began to see the unsure and vulnerable side of him as he dealt with ghosts from his past. Piper never gave up hope that he would finally come to accept them not only as a couple but as a family unit as she gets hurt over and over by Erik’s selfish words and actions. One thing I can say about Erik is that once becoming a father started to sink in, he really did try to do the right thing and got his head out of his ass.


From the very beginning, Piper and Erik had great chemistry, even when they were verbally sparring. Even when they strongly disagreed with each other, they loved harder and that showed through loud and clear in everything they did. As far as the sex scenes went, I wasn’t sure what to expect as Piper is in fact pregnant throughout  Blue Lines,  but Toni did so tastefully and very much on the sexy side. I loved how during those times Erik was in fact worried about hurting the baby, which showed it wasn’t just sex for him and he really did care about the wellbeing of their baby.

Blue Lines is both deep and emotional, but also contained a lot of humor and funny banter. Piper and Erik turned out to be a match made in heaven and I really enjoyed them. I also enjoyed how Ms. Aleo went back to the night they spent together a few times during the story and showed it from both their povs. It not only helped me understand what happened but also really showed how much Erik cared for Piper even though he didn’t want to.


Blue Lines was written well, though it did drag a little in some parts. I did find somethings that were repeated such as Erik not thinking he could be in a relationship because of his family issues, but it didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of the story at all. Blue Lines flowed and I liked how Piper and Erik grew not only separately, but together as a couple. Ms. Aleo showed that things aren’t always black or white in any relationship and it takes hard work to make it work out in the end, I thought Aleo did that beautifully. I’m sure I say this about every book in the Assassins series but Blue Lines might be one of my favorites. I can’t wait to read Phillip’s story and find out how he falls for Reese in the next installment in the series.


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