BOBCAT by Bianca D’Arc

BOBCAT by Bianca D’Arc
by Bianca D'Arc

Series: Redstone Clan #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author

Bob Redstone is one of the Redstone brothers, the alphas who run the very elite Redstone Clan.  Bob, called Bobcat by friends and family, has been asked to take on a mission to the Were Lords by his clan to show the Lords that the Redstone clan and the Master Vampire in Vegas are ready to assist in the upcoming showdown with the Venifucus—the enemy of all Others.  On that mission, Bob meets a young woman who has sought shelter with the Lords— one that pulls his emotions in more than one way.


Serena Wicklow is a bobcat who hasn’t had the best of life so far. First, she was orphaned, and then she was abused by a clan of bobcats when she was discovered by a lieutenant’s mate. Now, years later, Serena has escaped from that clan and is trying to regain her sense of just who she is and her humanity. Serena didn’t count on chancing upon a visitor who made her want to not only roam with him in their animal forms, but to trust him enough to trust him with her human self.


When another attack by the Venifucus makes that a shifter warrior who is also a loner must be located and determined if he is safe or not, Bob and Serena are sent out on the mission on the way back to Bob’s home.  Serena is chosen because the last known area that this shifter was known to be was in her old clan’s area, and Bob because he wasn’t about to let Serena try and locate the shifter without him.  Bob and Serena started to bond during the few short days since they’d met, however using their wits to find and, if necessary, free the shifter and take care of Serena’s adopted family is going to really push those new and fragile bonds.  By the time they finally head back to Bob’s clan, Serena and Bob will either have mated or will have been torn apart forever.


When the Goddess mates a shy and abused woman together with a normally laid-back dominant Alpha, until his mate is threatened, the results will have the very earth shaking before it’s all over in Bobcat.  I was truly amazed at how quickly Serena came to trust Bob after learning about her background.  Yet, I could see how that trust could happen when faced with Bob’s easy going Alpha-ness.  I loved how Serena could stand up to anyone, even Bob, when she believed in what she was saying or what she needed to do.  I also loved watching the cat and mouse game that Serena and Bob played during the final showdown. Oh and I really wasn’t kidding about the earth shaking before it was over.  Seeing just how well- matched Bob and Serena were by the end of the book showed me that their future would be one of much love, even with the war that was just on the horizon.  Bobcat is full of passion and suspense with threads of danger and humor—just enough to keep you reading to see what is going to happen next.

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