BONDED BROKEN by Amber KellBonded Broken by Amber Kell
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound

Reviewed by Lisa

Captain of the Guard Friln and his Thresl mate Nelrin or Rin are in charge of protecting King Vohne and his royal mate Kreslan.  Typically the couple is present when the King is in council or dealing with foreign dignitaries.  Friln and Rin happily mated over 10 years ago, blessed to know a deep love and commitment. 

There is nothing they wouldn’t do for each other or for the protection of their charges.  Unfortunately their honor and resolve is put to the test when a meeting with a military envoy goes to hell and Friln is so badly injured his bond with Nelrin is destroyed.

While the King and his mate attempt to save Friln’s life, Rin reverts to his cat form and runs from the castle grounds to the nearby forest.  Surely a decade of love can survive intact until their bond is reestablished.  Friln must be healed and Rin found before everything can be put right once more.  If it can be.

Bonded Broken hits a home run with another exciting adventure in The Thresl Chronicles series.   Fast pacing, witty dialogue, and likeable characters move the action and drama briskly along.  Author Amber Kell has a true talent with breathing life into characters and endearing them to readers. Whether it’s the hero or villain, we can’t help getting involved in their story.  Friln and Rin are perfect examples of the reason why this series works so well.  A sweet romance, Bonded Broken warms the heart.

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