BOUND BENEATH HIS PAIN by Stacey KennedyBound Beneath His Pain by Stacey Kennedy
Series: Dirty Little Secrets #1
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loveswept


Allison “Allie” Bennett is a top real estate agent, and she knows that she has brought in the biggest sales and clients for her firm.  But because of a ‘good old boy’ mentality, Allie is not treated as such.  Allie along with the other employees of their firm are shocked and surprised to learn that they have just been bought out by Micah Holt, and now they are all wondering if any of them are still employed.  Allie herself gets a huge surprise when she meets Micah in person.


Micah Holt is a very complicated man.  He is a real estate mogul, a deeply private man, and also a Dom as well as one of the members of the Dominants’ Counsel.  All the members of the Dominants’ Counsel are wealthy business men who also own some of the top BDSM clubs in San Francisco.  After a recent takeover of a small real estate firm, Micah expected it to be business as usual.  However, he is shaken by his instant attraction to one of his newest employees.  Micah is not one to combine work and pleasure, but right now he isn’t sure just how to react to his attraction to Allie and her pure outlook on life.


Allie and Micah begin their relationship as employer and employee, but it doesn’t take long before their attraction grows when given the chance.  Allie falls even harder when she discovers the lengths Micah went to in order to be the man he thought she would respect and love.  As their relationship deepens, Allie can tell that there is some secret part of himself that Micah is holding back and that secret is something that Allie will need to learn before she can fall over that final hurdle with him.  While Micah has been pretty open about telling Allie many of the things he keeps private, his club and dominance is not one of them.  Micah is worried that Allie will never be able to accept that dark place inside him that he tames with his club.  Once the truth comes out about secrets they both kept, will Allie and Micah be able to find a way to bridge the gap between them with the love and understanding they have gained along the way, or will Micah’s dark half keep them apart forever?


Two heavy hitters in real estate and past pain collide and discover that love can heal even the deepest of hurts in Bound Beneath His Pain.  I fell for both Micah and Allie from the very beginning and loved watching as their personalities rolled out.  I loved seeing all the parts of their characters and how they had turned hurtful pasts into caring.  Knowing this was a BDSM story, I almost expected one thing, but luckily I came into Micah and Allie’s story not expecting the same ol’ thing, and I’m so happy I didn’t because I found so much more.  I was amazed and loved the deep sensual passion which bleed from the pages as Micah and Allie learned to love each other and even later as they overcame the things in their pasts that could have torn them apart.  Bound Beneath His Pain is a love story with deep and abiding passions, sensuality, and the caring of good friends that kept me turning the pages until there were no more to read.

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