BOWERBIRDS by Ada Maria Soto

BOWERBIRDS by Ada Maria Soto
by Ada Maria Soto

Series: Nested Hearts
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Growing up in the large impoverished Juarez family Gabriel always had an intense ambition to succeed.  Today he’s the CFO of the TechPrim technology global empire.  The multimillion dollar company is shooting ever upward with Gabe at the helm.  His love life always suffered from the time he spent on his career and until recently that was an acceptable outcome.


Single father James Maron has spent more years than he cares to remember pinching pennies to provide for his son Dylan.  Everything has gone into work, raising Dylan, and getting a degree.  Times are better financially because of his IT job at UC Berkley, which will help pay for his son’s upcoming college costs.  James rarely had the time or energy to date in the past.


Choosing to pursue the spark they felt after a computer glitch brought them together, anyone would consider Gabe and James an unlikely couple. However seeing them now there’s no question the connection is solid.  Emotions are running high these days for both men.  Dylan is leaving home for the first time, which is going to be hard for his father.  As for Gabe, his company is on the precipice of global change if everything falls into place.  They are cognizant of each other’s situation and both have come to the realization that those three little words are hovering before their hearts.  Gabe and James simply need to say them.


A realistic look at love with all the bumps and bruises, Bowerbirds reveals the highs and lows of romance without prejudice.  The sequel to Nested Hearts is a breath of fresh air in storytelling style.  Warts and all, James and Gabe are doing their best and sometimes it’s sweet and sometimes its sorrow.  Bowerbirds lays out an emotionally powerful slice of life with heart and soul.  Falling in love with James and Gabe and the rest is no trouble at all.

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