BRANDING AN ICY HEART by Charlie Richards

BRANDING AN ICY HEART by Charlie Richards
Branding an Icy Heart
by Charlie Richards

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #32
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Surviving a vicious attack, Remy Smithson has insisted on attending the trial to see justice served to the animals who almost killed him.  They will serve time, while Remy will always need a cane to walk, even with the extensive therapy he’s endured.


Agreeing to attend a party with friends at a fancy estate outside town Remy is surprised to see the stranger he met in a bar during the trial.  There’s no way he will admit to being haunted by sensual dreams of the man ever since that night.  Remy is fascinated with Alekse Kuznetsov and wants to know him better until a bigoted comment is voiced.  Though Aleksei apologizes another statement makes it even worse.  No matter how much Remy is intrigued he refuses to get involved with a barely evolved Neanderthal.  Imagine what’s going to happen when Remy learns that he is Aleksei’s beloved mate.


Branding an Icy Heart joins a victim of violence and a barely evolved bigot.  Time after time Aleksei puts his foot way, way down his mouth.  His relationship with Remy runs hot and cold throughout their rocky romance.  It’s frustrating at times which makes this story feel so realistic.  Bad communication at its finest almost ruins everything.  Patience and forgiveness are the answer here making Remy a truly special kind of guy.  Book 32 in the Wolves of Stone Ridge series faces bigotry head on – the ugly and the redemption.  Always evolving.

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