BRAVING FATE by Linsey Hall

BRAVING FATE by Linsey Hall
Braving Fate
by Linsey Hall

Series: The Mythean Arcana #1
Published by Self Published Source: Author


Diana Laughton works in a college and is working towards becoming tenured.  But lately her dreams have been affecting her in waking times as well as at sleep—deeply disturbing dreams.  They show death, war, and the last minutes of a woman’s life.  Even more disturbing is that now Diana can actually hear this dying woman’s thoughts and feel her emotions.  Then if it couldn’t be worse, Diana ends up on the run from demons.  Just what is happening?


Cadan Trinovante is a Mythean Guardian, and one who has been around a very long time.  He has just been given the task of locating a human who is about to learn of her past life and if she can remember and do what she has been sent back to do, then she will become a Mythean.  As a Guardian, Cadan is to help, but he cannot give any information to the person trying to remember and figure things out.  Just before Cadan leaves, he learns that the woman he is being sent to is the reincarnated queen Boudica, a woman he loved and lost so long ago.


Diana is happy when she is suddenly helped by a man that would turn any woman’s head, but she also wants to smack him as he knows things he won’t tell her.  The instant attraction she feels towards Cadan is almost as unnerving as the inner feeling of betrayal towards a man she has never met before.  Cadan is torn as he is drawn towards Diana, and yet he knows that when she remembers Boudica, it might put a wall between them that cannot be surmounted.  When Diana finally remembers it all and figures out what her mission is, it becomes a battle against the demon underworld and Diana and Cadan, along with a bit of help from the University which governs all of the Mythean’s secrets.  But will winning bring Diana and Cadan together again or can some hurts never be overcome?


An ancient pair of lovers in a new time and with new identities just might have a second chance if they can defeat demons and betrayal in Braving Fate.  While Cadan has lived centuries with his memories, Diana is just awakening to what was, and she is trying to merge her present with her past and figure out just what her mission is.  I’m really not sure which would be harder, Cadan’s  life or Diana’s merging of lives.  What I do know is that trying to defeat demons and to fight a passion that is coming back to life at the same time is not something I would want to try.  I could understand both Cadan and Diana’s moments of impatience and frustration. Yet, I was so happy when not only did they win their mission, but they also found the way to accept their pasts and look toward their long future together.  Braving Fate is a tale filled with suspense, danger, and passions both old and new, along with a look at a new and very interesting world.

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