Breaking Away
by Toni Aleo

Series: Assassins #5
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Sports
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I’m going to go all fan girl here and scream, Phillip is the man!! Breaking Away was more than enjoyable and omg, he ends up with Reese?!!! Not only was I shocked but I was pleasantly surprised at their pairing. I liked Reese in the previous Assassins books and knew it would take someone special to really catch her eye.  Phillip was just the man for the job. Neither are looking for anything serious, each for their own reasons. Reece was deeply hurt by an ex, Phillip is busy raising his niece, Claire and needs to focus on her needs. As Reese teaches Claire to dance, these two ladies really connected. Things get a bit complicated but they can’t stay away from one another, which made Breaking Away an even more enjoyable read.


While the relationship between Phillip and Reese is a big part of the book, it wasn’t just all about them. I loved the blossoming relationship between Phillip and Claire, he loves her and really wants the best for her. Phillip and Reese start to get closer and that’s truly when their relationship starts to progress and really take off. It’s during this time that Claire starts accepting Phillip as her guardian and begins to start feeling a deep bond between them. Claire was a typical teenager who is  hurting from the loss of her mother as well as having just had her whole life uprooted. Phillip made sure she knew she was loved and wanted, that made me love him even more.


Reese and Phillip as a couple are hotter than hot. They steamed up the pages and had some of the best chemistry I have read in the Assassin series. What started off as just sex grew into much more. I loved that Ms. Aleo had Phillip be the first to fall in love because normally it’s the heroine who falls first. There were many moments where I started to fall for Phillip right alongside Reese. He just did and said some of the sweetest things which was nothing like the Phillip I got to know from the previous Assassins books. In prior books, Phillip came off as a player, so it was a nice change to see him in such a postive light.


Reese did have her annoying moments but she finally came around. Thank god because if she didn’t want him I would have gladly taken him off her hands. Phillip had this confidence about him that grabbed me from the moment he was introduced in prior books and I really liked that he was unsure of himself with Reese and how to move forward.


Hands down Breaking Away was a great addition to an already amazing series. Each book in the series is a little different depending on the characters situations, which each title being a unique read. Ms. Aleo brings her characters to life and gives them real problems that people face with every day. Phillip losing his sister and having to raise a teenager all while playing for the NHL was damn impressive, but what really stood out was how hard he was trying to make her life better. I’m glad Claire will be receiving her own book in time because I can’t wait to see how she turns out and who will be her love interest.


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