BREAKING BAD by Karen Tabke

BREAKING BAD by Karen Tabke
Breaking Bad
by Karen Tabke

Series: Bad Boys of the Bay #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

Seven years ago raw recruit Stevie Cavanaugh gave up her virginity to the visiting Academy instructor who lit her fuse.  For one lone night Stevie indulged in an erotic feast with Jack Thornton and then he was gone like mist.  He ruined her for any other so Stevie funneled that passion into her career as an Oakland police detective and got on with her life.


Stevie’s current case is giving her fits.  There’s no question Mario Spoltori is guilty of murdering three women and he’s going to continue unless her team can get the evidence to stop him.


Making matters worse Stevie is told that the FBI will be taking over the investigation and none other than Jack Thornton is now in charge of the case.  Sparks fly from the moment their eye’s meet at the station.  This time the playboy wants more than one night.  As for Stevie she can’t decide whether she wants Jack burning at the stake or in her bed.  Meanwhile Mario has picked out another to play his game.


Steamy and sizzling, Breaking Bad is orgasmic.  Stubborn Stevie and bad boy Jack go toe to toe, butt heads, and catch a killer.  Intense characters, scorching hot loving, and a clever storyline blend into an entertaining tale.  Their emotional growth gives Breaking Bad the intensity to challenge the reader.

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