BREAKING FREE by Cathryn Fox

BREAKING FREE by Cathryn Fox
Breaking Free
by Cathryn Fox

Series: Invitation to Eden
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As the daughter of a prominent mafia boss, Alaska Rossi’s life has always been filled with bodyguards and pseudonym names.  Now, as a college student, Alaska just wants to have fun with her fellow classmates.  However, she is under constant surveillance by the handsome hottie, Jesse Cavanaugh who is hell bend on spoiling all of their fun.


Jesse is undercover as the dorm assistant so he can watch over his boss’ daughter, Alaska.  Jesse knows that he should never have taken this assignment because he is secretly in love with Alaska and he does not feel that he is good enough for her.  Nevertheless, he could not stay away.


As a way to break free of her spring break blues, Jesse arranges for Alaska to ‘win’ a trip to Eden – a private island where all of your wildest fantasies come true.


If you are in the mood for a quick fun-loving, mega-hot read that will curl your toes, then Breaking Free is the perfect book to fulfill that need.  In just a few short pages, author Cathryn Fox manages to completely draw you into the lives of Jesse and Alaska.  From the start, I was cheering for this couple to get together and when they finally do, I was overwhelmed with joy.  The sex is lustfully sinful and the island fantasy elements are wickedly naughty.  Breaking Free is a great read to lose yourself in just a few short hours.

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