Breaking the Ice
by Jessica Lee

Series: Ariel Estates #3
Published by Respendence Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Both parents dead as traitors to the lion pride of Ariel Estates is the legacy Mikah Malloy has been left with.  Innocent of any wrongdoing on his part Mikah is nonetheless feeling like a pariah to the pride.  Mikah is sinking further and futher into depression.  He can’t see a way of redeeming the family name or making a life for himself at Ariel Estates.


The Haven wolf pack in Alaska has a strong Alpha and twin sons, each worthy of someday taking over.  Josh is the diplomat, whereas Gideon, his older brother by minutes, exudes power.  Long ago Gideon decided that his brother would make a better alpha for the pack and plans to explore the rest of the country, the sooner the better.


When lion alpha Silas Murdoch and his mate take a trip to Alaska Mikah is invited along for a change of scenery.  Meeting Gideon for the first time is a life changing event for both shifters.  Their chemistry is off the charts.  Unfortunately their luck is hampered by a terrible tragedy within the pack.  Someone is killing the Haven pack and the lovers are front and center for all the pain and sorrow that follows.


The third installment in the popular Ariel Estates series brings together an emotionally damaged lion shifter and a restless wolf shifter in Breaking the Ice.  Mikah is justified in his depression after his parents’ actions.  Atonement and salvation are found with a wolf shifter dealing with his own issues.  The emotional fallout from a horrific act is strongly felt in this intense tale.  Dealing with their pain is one part of Breaking the Ice.  Luckily their love and commitment is a much more important part of this story.

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