THE BRICK WALL by Stephanie Julian

THE BRICK WALL by Stephanie JulianThe Brick Wall by Stephanie Julian
Series: Redtails Hockey #1
Genres: Contemporary, Sports
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Shane “The Brick Wall” Conrad is the goalie for the Redtails hockey team and he is going through a tough time on the ice. When his teammate, Cary, invites him to spend the Christmas holiday with him and his family Shane accepts since he isn’t going home. Upon arriving Shane knows no one there and can’t want to leave but then he meets Bliss and wants to spend more time getting to know her. As the night progresses he quickly learns that Bliss is feeling the same way he is and he can’t leave fast enough but he wants Bliss at his side when he does.


Bliss Vescovi helps run her aunt’s successful bridal shop and loves the life she has built. While attending the Christmas party hosted by her friend Lori she meets many new people but when a tall drink of water walks through the front door she feels the party is getting better. All Bliss knows is that she has to meet this man. Bliss might want one night of fun but one night with Shane might just not be enough.


The Brick Wall is the first book in Stephanie Julian’s new hockey contemporary romance series and of course I had to read it because it was a sports romance. This is my first book by Ms. Julian and while I enjoyed the characters, The Brick Wall didn’t speak to me the way I hoped for. The characters were likeable and I enjoyed getting to know Shane and Bliss both individually and as a couple, but I did feel The Brick Wall was a little on the short side. There were parts in The Brick Wall where the time would lapse and I couldn’t help but feel I was missing so much in between.


The romance was really the only thing that kept me wanting to read this story. I found myself getting frustrated not only with this miscommunication between Shane and Bliss but also how the ending turned out. The characters did show some form of growth, they both went from being vulnerable and not wanting to get hurt to trusting in one another and wanting to make it work. In the end I felt The Brick Wall was just an okay introduction to the Redtails hockey series, but I am hopeful the next book will be more developed and the series will start to take off.

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