Brokedown Hearts
by Cameron Dane

Series: Foster Siblings #3
Published by Loose Id Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

The tiny Florida town of Coleman was rocked by scandal after David Joyner came out, threatened his secret lover, and then tried to kill himself.  Left in a catatonic state David is first sentenced to a psychiatric facility followed by a minimum security prison.


Though abandoned by his family, ironically more for his homosexuality than the scandal, David chooses to return home after he’s released in an attempt to atone for his actions.  Intense therapy during his incarceration helped him learn to deal with his ongoing obsessive tendencies.


Police officer turned P.I. Ben Evans lives for his job at Skye Investigations.  The rare exception to non-stop work are his trips to Sweden where he visits his younger half brother.  Finding his birth father five years ago wasn’t a happy reunion, but at least Mikael wants to be a part of his Ben’s life.


Workaholic Ben is given a forced vacation by his bosses which proves a lucky happenstance after his ex-lover asks him to tail a recently released felon.  It doesn’t take long for Ben to realize that David is harmless.  The ex-felon lives in a cheap motel and takes a bus to work at an animal shelter every day.  They meet as David is trying to save a kitten from being run over.


From that moment the dominant in Ben calls to the utter submissive in David, they couldn’t be more perfectly matched.  And the more they try to break away from each other the more they know they belong together.  All the realistic, honest reasons for David and Ben to stop before they get in too deep don’t matter.  It’s the rest of the world who don’t understand, especially the one who’s secretly watching David.


Passion ignites in Brokedown Hearts.  Such incredible erotic sexuality literally scorches the pages.  David is broken on multiple levels and sometimes it’s hard to like him because of the pain he caused.  It’s a journey for him and the reader as David learns to cope in the real world.  Ben is also a complex character, not always likeable either.  Both have huge issues.  Brokedown Hearts follows two very different men who make peace with their needs in this extremely sensual story. And just when the reader thinks everything is good, all hell breaks loose.

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