BROKEN OPEN by Lauren Dane

BROKEN OPEN by Lauren Dane
Broken Open
by Lauren Dane

Series: Hurley Boys #2
Published by HQN Books Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Tuesday Eastwood has hit the highs and lows in her life by finding the love of her life in college and marrying him and then losing that same love to a horrible death of cancer. Now she is trying to rebuild her life in an Oregon town with one of her best friends. Tuesday has kept her relationships to friends only and sex is just that, sex. But that was before her best friend fell for a rock star who has a moody and sexy brother—one that just calls out to Tuesday.


Ezra Hurley is a rancher and a rock star who fell long and hard and had to fight his way back. The hard love of his family helped Ezra find his way again and now he only records with this brothers and the band and doesn’t travel with them any longer.  Instead, he has taken over running the ranch that they all grew up on. Ezra also is the lode stone that his brothers always lean on when they need help. Having let them down once before, Ezra is not about to let any of his family down again.


Tuesday knows that being anything else but a friend to Ezra might just be the thing that finally breaks her, and yet once they share their first kiss, she can’t seem to stop herself.  Ezra was also affected by that kiss and can’t seem to get Tuesday off his mind.  Ezra has made a decision to try two live shows with his brothers now that the tour is coming to an end.  This is especially scary for Ezra since it was touring that helped Ezra lose his way not all that long ago.  Tuesday is also going through a bad time, but not from her family or even Ezra’s. This attack is coming from a place that should be in the past or at least from where she is learning to go on as she has had to. Tuesday and Ezra might be falling in love in slow motion, but the emotions are just as deep and the potholes are just as ragged as when you’re young, stupid, and falling fast.  Tuesday and Ezra also learn, along the way, some of the day-to-day issues both face, including a racism situation that shocks everyone. When the last pothole is covered and what appears to be the last hurdle has been dealt with, will Tuesday and Ezra have conquered all in the name of love, or will they be the ones conquered?


A most unusual rock star love story to say the least, and yet Tuesday and Ezra show us just what a deep love and friendship can achieve in Broken Open.  After meeting both Tuesday and Ezra in the first book, I wasn’t surprised when they were the main couple in the second book.  They just seemed to click and I could see they had such potential to steam up the ranch, and boy was I correct.  Tuesday’s story came close to breaking my heart, and I had to cheer for her when she still let herself be caught up in the budding attraction with Ezra.  Ezra showed me just what determination and family strength meant as I read what he had to overcome, even if it was self-imposed. As a couple, they smoldered and steamed up the joint, and as individuals, they were each people that I would have been proud to call a friend had they been real.  The highs and lows of Tuesday and Ezra’s book made it one I couldn’t put down once they grabbed me, and it really didn’t take that long for them to do that. Two brothers down and one to go, and I do believe he just might have the hardest time of all three of them—I can’t wait.  Tuesday and Ezra have a joint star that might be a bit dented, but it still shines so brightly it could blind you.  Broken Open wraps you up in strong emotions, while taking you along on a journey that proves everyone deserves a second chance no matter what happened to make a second chance necessary.  I couldn’t put it down, and I’m guessing you won’t be able to either.

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