BULL by Cat Johnson

BULL by Cat JohnsonBull by Cat Johnson
Series: Red, Hot and Blue #10
Genres: Contemporary, Military
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Jo

When the going gets tough, the tough go out with a bang. Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 10Spec Op “Bull” Ford is as big as his nickname. His team, the civilians he protects, whether they know it or not, all depend on him. But beneath his stony exterior beats the heart of a caring man—unless he’s crossed. Between her job as professional harpist and fending off an ex-boyfriend who won’t take the hint, Marly feels like a circus juggler. She doesn’t need some oversized, overzealous security guard accusing her of being a terrorist—as if a five-foot-nothing woman in a ball gown could threaten anyone. Though when the real terrorists strike, she’s more than grateful to have Bull at her side...or on top, which certainly makes what could be her last breaths memorable. But after Bull takes the brunt of the explosion, Marly is left with feelings for a man who doesn’t remember who she is. And by the time the red-hot memories come flooding back, the trail to her heart may have gone cold. Warning: Contains explosive sexual encounters—literally!

Bull Ford is a special ops guy with a very specialized team.  He knows that every member has to be at their best in order to pull off their jobs, so when he takes a misstep in a training exercise and his team loses it’s his entire fault.  That same night his love life, what there is of it, goes down the tubes too.  So when Bull is given what should have been a simple babysitting job with a senator, he doesn’t expect to end up in a bathtub with a woman or the intense experience he has with that same woman and that was only part of what happened that night.

Marly Spenser is a harpist who has a gig tonight, a gig that her ex-boyfriend arranged for her.   That would be fine except the ex hasn’t gotten that part through his head yet and now Marly’s nerves are shot and her music is suffering for it.  All she can hope for is that her many hours of practice and experience will come through when it counts.  This gig could lead to many more well paying gigs.  While setting up, Marly notices a huge and handsome man who must be security of some form by how he is acting. 

Bull notices the sexy harpist right away as the night begins but when the senator shows up, it’s business as usual.  That is until Bull receives intel that there is a bomb set to go off and it’s a packed room.  To top it off, Bull learns that there was no harpist scheduled for the entertainment.  Of course Bull goes right to Marly to find out what she knows.  Things are moving fast and furious when Bull learns that Marly really was scheduled and now he must save her from the bomb while his team shows up and goes into action.  Intense emotions leads to one sexy encounter between Marly and Bull and a fright filled one.  Marly learns what happened to Bull and goes to him in the hospital, only to see something that destroys her hopes that they might have a future.  When Bull remembers that night and learns about what happened, it’s his turn to go and hope for a future between him and Marly.  Can one intense encounter turn into a loving future for two totally different people? 

One night of suspense and sex just might be the beginnings of a wonderful relationship, if fate turns in their favor.  Bull and Marly are reaching for their future and hoping on fate in Bull.  I wasn’t surprised that Bull took it to heart when a minor mistake on his part ended a training exercise in defeat – even though there were other members of his team who should have seen what was going on too.  I was hoping for Bull and Marly from the first time they met because I could already see that they both needed a new direction and a steady relationship.  I was surprised at how hot and fast they came together and later felt so bad for Marly when she heard something but didn’t understand the entire story.  I loved that Bull immediately went to Marly and put his heart on the line while explaining what had happened.  Bull is a hot and sexy night, which proves just how fast love can happen when everything is just right. A great continuation of my favorite ops team members. 

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