BURNING SKIES by Caris Roane

BURNING SKIES by Caris Roane
Burning Skies
by Caris Roane

Series: Guardians of Ascension #2
Published by Macmillan Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

A vampire warrior in exile, Marcus Amargi resists the call to return to the ranks of the Guardians who fight the death vamp armies. Here on Mortal Earth, Marcus has another battle on his hands—the seductive lure of Havily Morgan. The woman meant for him. Whose blood he craves. The one who comes to him in dreams—and demands his surrender… A beautiful immortal with extraordinary powers, Havily lives in the realm of Second Earth but, in her fantasies, yearns for her winged lover Marcus. Soon, their bond will be put to the ultimate test. When their bloodthirsty enemies set the night on fire with sky-blazing weapons, Marcus and Havily must unite body and soul, to unleash the full power of their passion—and fight fire with fire…

Havily Morgan ascended to Second Earth over a hundred years ago.  When she ascended, it was thought that her powers would be such that Havily would be a huge help in the on-going war. However, to date, no such powers have appeared in Havily.  However, for the last few months, Havily has been having intense sexual dreams with a man she barely knows and has only kissed once.
Marcus Amargi is one of the Warriors of Blood, vampire warriors who fight for the good of Second Earth.  That was until Marcus exiled himself on First Earth and became a business tycoon.  He has only gone back to Second Earth once since then and he met Havily and discovered that she was his fated mate.  He left knowing that they would never be together because he can’t return to all the dead he left and she will never leave Second Earth. 
When Havily sees one of the Warriors being fatally hurt in a vision, she alerts everyone in time to save his life, but it shows that her powers are finally beginning to appear.  Powers that put a huge bull’s-eye on Havily’s back.  Marcus learns that Havily is in danger and knows that his time on First Earth is over.  Keeping Havily safe is more important than anything to him.  Havily loves that Marcus has come back, but can she trust him to stay and help with the war?  Marcus knows his past actions don’t show him in the best light, but losing Havily isn’t an option.  So much is depending on Havily’s emerging powers, but something is blocking her.  As the danger gets stronger, so does the passion between Havily and Marcus.  Marcus and Havily put everything on the line as they battle not only for Second Earth and its inhabitants ,but also for their love and a future together.
When time goes on forever, love means more when it’s found between two lovers.  Havily and Marcus discover this in Burning Skies.  Seeing the confusion as Havily and Marcus came together each night had me wondering just what was going on.  As the story unfolded, I was more and more intrigued by Second Earth and the seemingly unending war.  I could understand Havily’s hesitation with Marcus, but I felt for him when I discovered why he had left it all behind. Just watching Havily and Marcus trying to deal with their passion while not quite trusting each other had me turning the pages just to see what I would find out next.  I loved how in the end it was trust, love and belief in each other that not only saved their love, but gave them a new way forward in Second Earth’s war against the group that would destroy both First And Second Earths.  Burning Skies is a passionate and suspenseful adventure that will make it hard to put down until the last page is turned. 
While part of the Ascension series, you can read it as a stand alone.  I did with this one, but then went back and grabbed book one anyway.  I can’t wait for book three to come out now.

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