CAKE by Lauren Dane

CAKE by Lauren Dane
by Lauren Dane

Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary, Erotica
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

She won't be satisfied with just one bite….Art student-slash-bike messenger Wren Davis pursues what she wants. And what she wants now is Gregori Ivanov, rock star of the Seattle art scene. With his tattoos, piercings and sensual sneer, Gregori is the ultimate bad boy. Wren's gotten to know the man beneath the body art, too—and it only makes her crave him more.But Gregori loves women like he loves cake and champagne—intensely, but only for the moment. And after Wren experiences just how scorching sex with Gregori is, she's determined to show him that just one taste won't be enough….

Wren Davis is an art student who pays the bills with various jobs but one of those is being a bike messenger.  One of the clients she looks forward to visiting the most is a famous artist who has grabbed the art world.  Wren knows that Gregori is much more than the sneer and tattoos he shows the world and with each visit she discovers more of who the real Gregori really is.

Gregori Ivanov is attracted to Wren and he always makes sure that he has some of the sweets and tea she loves when she comes to deliver something to him.  Their time together is something he looks forward to.  Gregori is pretty sure that he could push Wren for more but he also knows that he isn’t ready for a long-term relationship yet and he really doesn’t want to hurt Wren in any way.

That all changes one night when their mutual attraction explodes into erotic passion.  Being friends as well as lovers helps Wren and Gregori settle down to a routine quickly which could lead to something wonderful.  Yet, when Gregori gets scared of just where their relationship might be going, he seeks a way to back away and sever all connections with Wren.  Wren is really hurt as she figures out just what Gregori is doing, but with the help of her friends Wren gets one last shot at proving to Gregori not all relationships are doomed and that they deserve a chance to explore just where theirs might go.  Can one determined woman show a jaded artist that love really is worth reaching for?

An art student and an artist on the top of the world come together in a blaze of passion, but it will take lots of determination for their passion to find any future.  Wren seeks to show Gregori just what passion can lead to in Cake but will she be able to find a way to demolish his walls?  The relationship between Wren and Gregori was hot from the minute they met but both were able find a friendship together before the fireworks of their erotic night happened.  At first I thought it was going to be an easy journey into love for them, but I didn’t give Gregori’s past encounters and how they jaded him enough weight.  I did love the way that Gregori tried to protect Wren even as he tried to separate from her.  But I have to admit that it was Wren’s strength and belief in what she and Gregori had and her actions that made the ending.  It was a true case of a student teaching a master.  Cake is full of smoldering passion, erotic encounters and a determination to reach for a future together.  A perfect story to warm up a cold fall afternoon or evening.


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