CALLUM by Melissa Schroeder

CALLUM by Melissa SchroederCallum by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Cursed Clan #1
Genres: Paranormal
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Reviewed by Miranda

Will desire be the answer or the ruin of an entire clan?The Cursed Clan, Book 1As Laird, Callum Lennon feels he has always failed to protect his cousins. Callum's impulsiveness caused the death of his father and the experience has scarred not only his body, but his soul. From that point on, he made sure to always go with the more logical choice in every matter. When his younger cousin Angus finds clues that might help break the curse, Callum begrudgingly hires Phoebe Chilton to investigate. Callum doesn't like bringing outsiders into their family affairs. Their life would become fodder for the tabloids if anyone were to find out about the curse. It doesn't help that the instant he meets Dr. Chilton he's attracted. But, he doesn't really have a choice because she might be their last hope. An expert in archeology, Phoebe has always been dwarfed by her parents' shadow. Their high standards had her in college by thirteen and earning a second PhD by twenty-two. But her career and her broken marriage have left her needing something more than just diplomas and degrees. She wants to prove that her interest in legends, especially Celtic legends, is as important as her parents' work. When the Lennon family contacts her, she sees the opportunity to win a massive research grant. With a long-time rival breathing down her back, she jumps at the Lennons' offer her, hoping it will ensure her the grant. But uncovering the Lennon family secrets, and her attraction to Callum, could prove more than she can handle. Forces outside the family are determined to ensure that they fail. When an old enemy threatens both the well being of the clan and the fragile new love, Callum will have to choose between believing his mind or his heart.

Centuries ago the clan McLennan was cursed by a woman seeking revenge. The clan has lived many lives never changing in body or spirit, forced to watch as the world evolved around them. They now go by the name Lennon as they search the world for a cure to their curse.

Laird, Callum Lennon proudly leads his family in the search for a solution to their problem but he has doubts to the cogency of their current plan. Callum isn’t fond of letting strangers into their lives much less let one riffle through what could be the answer to their prayers. However, he promised his family he would give this idea a chance, yet once he lays eyes on the key factor in that plan Callum knows he’s headed for trouble. The woman who is to save his clan may be his undoing.

Phoebe Chilton holds a Ph.D. in archeology. She excels in her field but cannot seem to find her own happiness. She is constantly in the shadow of her famous parents, never exploring her passions. Times are about to change. Phoebe takes a job studying her favorite subject Celtic legends. She is uncertain what exactly the job entails but knows that it’s taking her to Edinburgh, Scotland and the home of the wealthy Callum Lennon. She thinks the Lennon discovery may be the key to getting a grant to work exclusively researching Celtic legends, far away from the purview of her parents. Phoebe never expected to feel such an intense attraction to the handsome yet stubborn Callum . Will she be able to collect her research behind his back or will her feelings get in the way of her future work?

Will Phoebe be the answer to Callum’s prayers or his nightmares?

Melissa Schroeder hits the ground running with her new series, The Cursed Clan. Callum brings myth, vivacity and love together to create a gripping romance! Ms. Schroeder continues to impress me with her ability to seamlessly transition from one genre to another. Callum and Phoebe are two characters that I can really stand behind. Each is strong in their individual ways. I love their stubbornness and determination. Callum makes my heart melt with his stoic personality. His past drives him, he feels so much but doesn’t let it out until he meets Phoebe. I love their scenes together. Both characters aggravated me during the book but this is part of what makes Callum so great. I became engaged in the plot from page one and immersed myself so deeply I felt like I was there. Callum is one enticing read with its alluring characters and thrilling story! I cannot wait to delve back into this series and I’m aching for Angus’ story!

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