CAN’T HIDE FROM ME by Cordelia Kingsbridge

CAN’T HIDE FROM ME by Cordelia KingsbridgeCan't Hide From Me by Cordelia Kingsbridge
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Riptide Publishing


Federal agent Charles Hunter and his team are sent from their field office in San Diego to El Paso to extract an undercover agent in danger.  The unknown agent’s handler is missing so it’s imperative a team is on site.  Problem is the team doesn’t even know what the agent looks like.


It must be fate lending a helping hand to send this particular team as Charles recognizes ATF agent Angel Martinez sitting in a restaurant booth surrounded by cartel goons.


For two long years Angel Medina has been deep undercover as the boy toy lover of Raul Esparza, a brutal and vicious cartel leader.  Angel’s managed to gather valuable intel and occasionally thwart drug operations.  The recent assassination of Raul however has left Angel in a precarious position.  It’s time to get out.


After a successful extraction Angel is taken to San Diego for a lengthy debriefing followed by much needed down time.  Charles is hoping that Angel will be leaving for parts unknown soon.  He’d rather his peers don’t know that before Angel went undercover the two had an intense sexual relationship.  Their breakup was awful and left scars neither managed to ever heal.


Tiptoeing around the firestorm Charles and Angel feel inside soon becomes insignificant to a threat they cannot ignore.  Someone has planted a target on Angel’s back.  As they race to uncover the deadly stalker the two agents are finally forced to confront each other honestly.  Charles and Angel are stuck somewhere between love and death – with a skilled killer.


A deadly cat and mouse mystery is revealed in Can’t Hide From Me.  This is a truly sizzling hot tale where emotions are riding high and sexual encounters ignite.  Charles is the cold to Angel’s hot – together they’re flammable.  And though the stalker isn’t a complete surprise Can’t Hide From Me manages to be a chilling, deadly thriller.  Great characters take action in the fast paced drama.  Can’t Hide From Me is a tense, primal tale that satisfies from start to finish.

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