CATTING AROUND by Charlie Richards

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CATTING AROUND by Charlie RichardsCatting Around by Charlie Richards
Series: Kontra's Menagerie #16
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Source: Publisher
Reviewed by Lisa

Nothing in Chip’s life has been easy.  After a long stint in the foster system Chip was adopted, but when he shifted into a bobcat a year later his new parents reacted badly. Chip ran off and spent decades living alone in the forest. His luck turned even worse the day he was captured and became a living experiment for unsavory scientists.

Scarred, starving, and emotionally damaged Chip was eventually freed by Kontra’s shifter gang.  For obvious reasons it’s very difficult for Chip to trust anyone these days.  Their patience and kindness have gone a long way in healing the bobcat.

Chip agrees to travel by motorcycle with the gang when they decide to visit an old friend who hooked up with a lion pride when he found his mate.  Being alone for so long Chip’s social skills are almost nonexistent.  He’s also unschooled in his shifter gifts of heightened senses like scent, as in scenting his mate. 

It’s difficult for lion shifter Grimes Medina to believe that Chip doesn’t know that they are mates though the bobcat will admit to an inner pull towards the sexy shifter.  The lion enforcer for the pride has an uphill battle ahead of him, yet denying his mate is impossible.  Chip is about to learn what being a shifter and a mate truly means.

A physically and emotionally scarred bobcat comes face to face with his other half in the latest Kontra’s Menagerie tale.  Catting Around turns the heat up for a deserving soul in need of salvation.  In the 16th installment of this charming series readers are rooting for a true underdog desperate for love.  As always this series delivers.

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