CERI by Lynn Hagen

CERI by Lynn HagenCeri by Lynn Hagen
Series: Christian’s Coven #7
Genres: Erotica
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Siren-BookStrand

Reviewed by Lisa

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA] He watches his mate from afar, unable to touch, hold, or claim the man. Distance is Ceridian's reality, his torment. He exists outside the vampire population, living with an unnatural craving that seems to grow stronger whenever he is near Virgil--a man who haunts his very dreams. Ceri feels more dead than alive as he watches life go on all around him, but he is powerless against the dark force keeping him chained to the shadows. Virgil has never fit in. Not in Dante's coven, and not in Christian's. He passes each night longing for the one man who refuses to claim him, Ceri. He knows of Ceri's hunger, and he is desperate to find a way around the man's flesh cravings. He is even willing to sacrifice his own life to be with the vampire. And it may just come to that as their bond grows in ways neither had expected. They are plunged into danger, deception, and infinite pleasure beyond imagining. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Centuries ago Prince Christian was forced to put his younger twin brothers into a deep, dreamless slumber in order to save the world.  Cursed with the need to devour flesh, as well as blood, when he fed Ceridian or Ceri was safer asleep and his twin Rhysdan chose to share his brother’s sentence.

Recently awakened the twins are ill prepared to deal with the 21st century.  Rhysdan is lucky to find his mate and begin to acclimate whereas Ceri feels equally elated and cursed when he finds Virgil, his own mate.  The terms of the curse make Ceri unable to explain to Virgil why they cannot mate or his cravings will double.

Virgil has always had a rough time, but this latest twist may break what’s left of his confidence.  He doesn’t understand why Ceri refuses to bond with him.  Mating wasn’t supposed to bring such pain and sorrow.

A clever blend of macabre darkness and desperate desire.   The Christian’s Coven series adds another wrinkle with Ceri.  The main characters and their love story can be enjoyed by everyone, but an important secondary plotline is part of an arc involving several different series by talented and prolific author Lynn Hagen.  High stakes action, passion, and ghoulish curses make Ceri an intense, fierce story.

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