CHANGELING by Barbara Geiger

CHANGELING by Barbara GeigerChangeling by Barbara Geiger
Series: Middle Hill #1
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loose Id

Reviewed by Lisa

Matt Bauer has very few, if any real memories before the age of twelve.  The only certainty is the abuse he suffers at the hands of his so-called uncle who somehow took custody of Matt until the day the man inexplicably disappeared.


Not quite eighteen Matt becomes the guardian of his younger half brother Sam who’s brilliant on paper and with a clarinet.  With very little opportunity of gaining legal employment Matt becomes a rent boy using the skills his uncle taught him.  It’s not the life he’d planned, sometimes it’s even dangerous, but it’s the only way to support them and keep Sam out of foster care.  At least for now.


On the way home from a school competition one late, cold night Matt meets Kevin, an enigmatic young man.  For the first time Matt is sexually excited by someone which draws him even closer to the stranger.


Soon after, the Headmaster at Saint Christopher’s Academy offers Sam a scholarship.  Also included would be a place for Matt to live and work.  Of course payment would come in the form of exclusive rights to the rent boy and his talents.  At least it won’t be as dangerous.


Everything in Matt’s life is changing.  When he sees Kevin again he’s told about the fae.  It all makes sense.  Matt’s always been attuned to others in a way that didn’t make sense before.  Something big is happening.  The school, Kevin, and now threats to Matt’s safety.  No matter which way he turns, nothing will be the same ever again.


Changeling reels you into its web and never lets go.  Intense characters set within the back drop of a bleak life manage to survive and then thrive in Changeling, the first story in the original Middle Hill series.  Unexplained mysteries and an incredible cast make this tale feel real.  Romance is secondary to everything else going on, but it is there, the seed of something fresh and new for Matt to explore in this unique drama.  Expect the unexpected in this thrilling new series.

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