CHANGING WORLDS by Cari Z.Changing Worlds by Cari Z.
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Commander of a starship, Captain Jason Kim runs a tight ship and devotes his waking hours to ensure the smooth operations aboard the Silver Star. A broken relationship in the past proves that he’s not cut out for love.  Better to stick to what he’s good at.


Each trip a handful of passengers are allowed on the Silver Star and the captain is expected to spend a moderate amount of time with them.  On their latest run a trio of young men from Perelan were on board while taking a tour of the planets.  A closed planet for the most part, little is known of their culture except that only males are allowed off world.


One in particular, Ferran, has tried to catch Jason’s interest.  Jason’s done his best to rebuff the Perel, but Ferran won’t take a hint.  Eventually the captain agrees to dinner.  One thing leads to another and before Jason knows it the pair are deeply in love even though they’re both aware there is no future for them.


After Ferran returns home Jason takes some time off to lick his wounds and seal his bleeding heart.  The captain is stunned when the human ambassador to Perelan visits and informs Jason that the ruling matriarchs of Perelan have agreed to the two of them being together as long as Jason lives on their planet for a period of one year.


Knowing that their love is real Jason agrees to the terms.  He has no idea what he’s walking into.  There are political ramifications to his arrival.  Factions against the bond who will stop at nothing to destroy their relationship.  Jason has never been one to jump into something.  He’s not a risk taker.  Then again, he’s never had Ferran in his life before now.


Author Cari Z. constructs a fascinating, unique world filled with hidden underlying conflicts in Changing Worlds.  A clever blend of romance, drama, and tension lands a pair of lovers in a dangerous situation.  This original world is incredible, the characters even more riveting.  Complete opposites in every way Jason and Ferran are nonetheless the very best of heros in Changing Worlds.  Their love is put to the ultimate test.  Satisfying at every new twist Changing World absolutely rocks.

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