CHAYOT by Naima Simone

CHAYOT by Naima SimoneChayot by Naima Simone
Series: Secrets and Sins #4
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC

Famed concert pianist Aslyn Jericho has not been able to play since she was physically attacked by a crazed fan six months ago.  Desperate to reclaim control over her life, Aslyn decides to take some time off by hiding in Boston in her manager’s secluded condo.  Her blissfulness is short-lived when she is threatened again by a copycat stalker.


Chayot “Chay” Gray is suffering from the aftermath of the revealing of his two-decade old secret.  Ashamed, Chay closes himself off from the world. That is until he sees someone trying to break into his neighbor’s home.  One look into Aslyn’s frightened eyes and Chay’s protective instincts go into overdrive, he’s determined to keep her out of harm’s way.


Naima Simone has written an amazingly great story that will pull at your heartstrings.  I could feel Chay’s pain.  I just wanted to hug him and never let him go.  After reading about him throughout the Secrets and Sins series, I was glad to see him finally get a chance at love, especially since he believes he does not deserve it.  Although, Aslyn has her own terrors to deal with, she makes Chay a stronger man and brings forward his self-worth.  Evenly matched, their romance blossoms into something spectacular and amazing.  I found myself cheering them on as they worked their way through conquering their demons, accepting their love for one another, and exposing the copycat stalker who is determined to destroy Aslyn’s life.


Chayot’s plot moves at a fast and even pace.  I must admit that I identified the stalker quicker than I had in previous novels in the series.  However, it didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the story because Ms. Simone successfully keeps the reader so engaged with the happenings of Chay and Aslyn, especially their blazing hot sexual encounters.  I have enjoyed each story in the Secrets and Sins series.  Oh, what a wonderful ending to such a magnificent series.  Hats off to Naima Simone!

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