CHERISHED BY TWO by Morticia Knight

CHERISHED BY TWO by Morticia KnightCherished by Two by Morticia Knight
Series: Soul Match #2
Genres: Futuristic, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The alien invasion is a complete success with human populations decimated and most major cities are no longer in existence around the world.  It is now simply a matter of rounding up the survivors hiding in the rubble or the wilderness.  Alasharian warriors have done their job to perfection.  Some warriors however are beginning to realize they weren’t told the truth about the humans.  Unfortunately thus far, too few are concerned.


A visit from the Supreme Soul Healer confirms the impossible.  The human Chris is a soul match to the Alasharian warriors Lasar and Nary.  Their Nasha or submissive and their Ahna or Dominant relationship has brought Chris into their bond.  This is the first trio soul match and between two different species.  But they are cautioned to keep the bond to themselves, at least for the time being.  The Alasharian leader has given into darkness, to an evil spreading among their leadership.


Chris is trying to get his cousin Morgan to calm down and at least pretend to go along with the Alasharians.  His cousin is justifiably terrified, but he’s got to get it together or something worse could happen to him.  Chirs is frantic, as well, to know what’s happened to his mother and little sisters.  Lasar has sworn to find them no matter how long it takes, yet he can’t appear to favor any humans.  And lastly, what will happen at the party the leader insists the warriors attend with their sex slaves Chris and Morgan.


The Soul Match series stirs up more mayhem and love with Cherished by Two, book two in the passionate, tension filled drama.  Fascinating characters, human and Alasharian, set onto an adventure that will test them all.  Readers are drawn into a web of intrigue, into another world commanding the human world.  Nothing is safe for Chris and his soul matches Nary and Lasar.  This thrilling series continues to evolve into something incredible.  Enjoy Cherished by Two, readers will eagerly look forward to the next book.

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