CHOSEN WOLF by Minerva Howe

CHOSEN WOLF by Minerva Howe
Chosen Wolf
by Minerva Howe

Series: Moonlight Mountain #1
Published by Respendence Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Long ago a vampire saved a small wolf shifter pack from starvation by an offer of blood.  A pact was established between Paul and the pack giving the vampire a Guardian to feed from and gain a companion in exchange for further blood donations to strengthen the wolves.  Each Guardian gains extreme longevity though never immortality like their vampire benefactor.   With Adam’s passing it is time for Paul to accept a new Guardian.


As all the unmated male wolves gather at Alpha Charles’ command they are faced with the first vampire this generation has ever seen.   Paul recognizes his new Guardian in pack computer tech Brantley who instantly denies their bond.  Somewhat bulldozed into going to the vampire’s mountainside home Brantley continues to deny his place at Paul’s side.  His biggest problem is discovering that Paul is enjoying the challenge of taming Brantley, immensely.


Caught between a rock and a hard place, this Chosen Wolf revolts.  The more Brantley protests the deeper he succumbs to Paul in this sensual drama.  The emotional battle between the vampire and the wolf shifter is the heart and soul of Chosen Wolf.  Hot in temperament and hot in passion the pair barely cool off for a moment.  Also, though Brantley refuses Paul’s sexual overtures in the beginning their encounters never become an uncomfortable situation for the reader.  Chosen Wolf is fiercely hot.

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