CHRISTMAS ALPHA by Carole Mortimer

CHRISTMAS ALPHA by Carole MortimerChristmas Alpha by Carole Mortimer
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World renowned Irish photographer Finn Devlin left London for the wilds of the Welsh countryside four months ago.  Finding out that his girlfriend Moira was also seeing an elderly married man put an end to their relationship as far as Finn was concerned.  Moira however didn’t see it that way and made an ugly scene at a restaurant where Finn was dining with a woman.  The retreat to Wales will hopefully cool the situation.


A delivery from his manager turns into an embarrassing encounter when Finn mistakes the courier for a photography model he’s expecting to arrive.  Eva Shaw took the job with Dailey Courier Service to help with her last year at college.  She’s never had a customer ask her to strip when she knocked on the door.  The stranger’s request makes Eva see red, literally.


She had driven to the country mansion in bad weather.  Getting everything straightened out takes more time than Eva has because now she’s stuck there with a blizzard waging war outside.  Finn is minus a model and worried that Moira finagled his address from the delivery service.  The blizzard rages, Finn and Eva’s heightened tension evolves in unexpected ways and an obsessed woman may be nearby.  Who says it’s always dull in the country.


Christmas Alpha sizzles.  Captivating characters prove their worth.  The chemistry between Eva and Finn is undeniable.  And while the plotline follows predicable lines the writing is crisp and draws the reader into their story.  Enjoy Christmas Alpha for the delightful characters brought to life within this novella.

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