Christmas at Tiffany's
by Karen Swan

Published by William Morrow Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

On Cassie’s tenth wedding anniversary, she is faced with devastation, one that she never saw coming from the person she believed would be there for her forever.  However, her BFFs are there to see that Cassie won’t be down for the count, but instead learn that what she thought would be her HEA wasn’t going to keep her out of the game.  Taking turns with the now fragile Cassie, they house her for a period of time over the next year in New York, Paris, and London where Cassie will find that she has some growing up to do from the sheltered wife that may have taken the plunge to soon years ago.


Christmas at Tiffany’s is a tale of growth and change for our young heroine as she becomes more than she once was.  Cassie discovers whom she was meant to be and embarks on things that she may not have explored had it not been for the life changing event that sent her packing early on in Christmas at Tiffany’s.


Christmas at Tiffany’s was filled with love, adventure, support, and change that Cassie needed to endure and embrace to find her HEA.  The tale was also sandwiched between two events that seemed to knock her for a spin, and I completely understood her choices and reasons in both instances.  Christmas at Tiffany’s, in the end, showed that there can be forgiveness for some and walking away for others as Cassie’s self-explorations continued over the course of her year away.   I felt badly for one character in the story, but I liked that this character allowed Cassie to come to know that truth all on her own in Christmas at Tiffany’s.  It reminded me of that saying, “If you love something set it free, if it returns, it’s yours…”  Overall this was a nice epic tale of one woman’s journey to grow out of the conundrum she had found herself in just to please someone else when she lost sight of the individual she should have naturally grown into had she been allowed to flourish more.

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