Christmas at Twilight
by Lori Wilde

Series: Twilight, Texas #6
Published by Avon Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

Reluctantly released from the military, Delta Force Captain Brian “Hutch” Hutchinson returns home to find some stranger by the name of Jane living in his home.  Hutch had left his sister to stay there and watch over the place, but it appears that she had taken on a stray mother and was currently absent, leaving behind her young daughter with Jane, the stranger.  Hutch soon finds himself drawn to the beauty who is desperately trying to guard a secret, but he is unable to vocalize things with her due to a war injury.  However, Hutch finds that he is strongly attracted to Jane despite their different way of communication, and he means to protect her and his own family at all costs even though he can’t speak.


Jane aka Meredith Sommers moves around a lot because of her psychotic ex who wants her back.  She doesn’t trust men quickly because of her past, but she finds there is something about the handsome ex-military man who can’t speak that draws her towards him with open arms.  Agreeing to aid him in looking after his niece until his sister returns, Jane sets down some rules hoping to protect herself, as well as others.  Soon she finds that she longs for those rules to be banished, but she doesn’t want to risk anyone else’s life by getting too involved.  Jane can never be too sure when her past will come back to haunt her and affect anyone else nearby.


Christmas at Twilight was an engaging novel with a different spin on obstacles for the main male protagonist to overcome, and I enjoyed watching the relationship build between Hutch and Jane/Meredith.  They learned to communicate in other ways and things slowly sparked between them as they went about their ways.


Christmas at Twilight wasn’t necessarily the feel-good Christmas story that the name may imply, but it was about two people who overcame PTSD and worked to find their HEA, and that was nice.  There was some violence to be found in Christmas at Twilight, and perhaps some clue to things early on in the tale, but that didn’t take away from the overall romance between Hutch and Jane in Christmas at Twilight.  The secondary characters, who probably populated other tales in this series, were added bonuses showing that happiness can arise out of the darkest days.

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