CLAIMED FOR MAKAROV’S BABY by Sharon KendrickClaimed for Makarov's Baby by Sharon Kendrick
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin


Dimitri Makarov has recently been informed by a busy body that his former secretary is poised to marry another man.  Investigating the competent, trustworthy Erin, he discovers that she kept a very important secret from him, and he means to be involved….now!!


Erin Turner no longer did love, been there done that, got the heartache to prove it.  So thinking she could make a better life for herself, she decides to participate in an illegal wedding instead of notifying the disreputable, drunkard, womanizing boss that he left her with a little gift.


Claimed for Makarov’s Baby showed the vulnerable side of Dimitri and that he had changed after that night.  It took some time, but he did make an effort.  Of course, this is another hero that never wanted a child until said child is there, but no one asks this guy why he didn’t just get snipped!  Dimitri comes across as rather cold in some of his early interactions with the child and Erin in Claimed for Makarov’s Baby.


Erin had good reason to protect the child in Claimed for Makarov’s Baby, but she did give Dimitri a chance to show that he had changed.  Dimitri acts all victimized until Erin points out exactly how awful he was when she did attempt to advise him in Claimed for Makarov’s Baby.  That was a wake-up call for him, realizing just how far he’d sunk in her eyes!


The truth behind why Dimitri was so cold was revealed and things worked through, but there were still a few unanswered questions that lingered in Claimed for Makarovs Baby.  Perhaps it was left to the imagination of the reader?

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