CLAIMING THE HUNTER by Charlie Richards

CLAIMING THE HUNTER by Charlie RichardsClaiming the Hunter by Charlie Richards
Series: A Paranormal's Love #15
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

In the aftermath of his sister’s death at the hands of a shifter Jeremiah Tully channels his grief into destroying other feral shifters. During an encounter with a female protecting her young Jeremiah comes close to dying from his wounds. Lying in a hospital bed Jeremiah is beginning to re-evaluate his future when Roger and his wife persuade him to join the Hunters, a secret organized group intent on eradicating all shifters.

On a simple mission to gather food for their warehouse Jeremiah and another Hunter, Quinn, are interrupted by beings they’ve been told are demons. Quinn is already badly injured and down as Jeremiah tries to flee and ends up plowing his dirt bike into a tree.

Waking up in a clinic days later Jeremiah learns that the demons are actually gargoyles and the one who captured him is Grateman, a tracker and Jeremiah’s mate. That is a word the human knows the meaning of.

Pitting a vengeful Hunter against an honorable gargoyle won’t come without repercussions in Claiming the Hunter. The fifteenth installment in this addictive series features a main character asked to do an about face. A highly charged emotional decision has driven the human to actions without all the facts. Jeremiah is pulled towards an enlightened understanding by a patient paranormal. Forgiveness and redemption is asked in Claiming the Hunter. Another worthy addition to the series.

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