THE CODE by R. J. Scott

THE CODE by R. J. ScottThe Code by R. J. Scott
Series: Ice Dragons Hockey #1
Genres: Contemporary, Sports
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Kathryn “Kat” Lecour and her brother lost their parents when they were young and Nicholas has been a good brother but he can also be a little on the overprotective side. After being held at gunpoint while paying for gas there is only two people she can call but her brother just had surgery so Ryan Flynn is her call to come get her at the police station. Ryan’s comfort is just what she needs at the moment but after one kiss she doesn’t know if things will go back to normal between them, after all she grew up with him, but when her feelings are returned she wonders if they can make their growing relationship last.


Ryan Flynn is a defense man in the NHL and lives and breathes the codes of hockey on and off the ice. One rule is you don’t mess with your best friends sister who is pretty much like family but Ryan hasn’t seen Kat like that in a long time. Ryan knows he is going down a slippery slope with Kat but these feelings he has had for her were put in motion a long time ago. As their relationship grows he wonders how he is going to tell his best friend that he broke his promise on keeping his sister away from jocks when he has already fallen for her. Will Ryan have to choose the love of his life or his best friend?


When I saw The Code of course I wanted to read it because it was sports romance and I just love that genre. The Code also happens to be my first book by R.J. Scott and I wasn’t sure what to expect going to in but in the end I was glad I decided to read it. One of the issues I had was the trope, yes it’s been done so many times, but for some reason The Code really didn’t have anything extra special to make it stand out and make me say I will always remember these characters.


The romance between Kat and Ryan felt like it started before this book so at times I felt a little out of the loop, while some things are mentioned about their past it wasn’t enough for me. I didn’t really feel a strong connection when the two of them are together and the love scenes were rushed and mostly fade to black. Now I wasn’t expecting anything too erotic but I just had a difficult time putting them together as a long lasting couple.


Ryan had a little bit of an anger management problem at times yet I could see he held Kat in a special place. I did like that he felt guilty about being with Kat and not telling her brother/ his best friend but it only got harder with the more time that past. I mean will Nicholas be upset? Probably, but I think I just wanted and expected a little more from them.


It took a while to really get engaged in the story and the characters, but did seem to pick up and start to really develop around the middle. The ending of The Code was a bit on the rushed side and I felt there could have been more added in to make it a little smoother. Will we be hearing about Ryan and Kat in the future, I guess I will have to wait and see?

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