COERCING QUINN by Charlie Richards

COERCING QUINN by Charlie RichardsCoercing Quinn by Charlie Richards
Series: A Paranormal's Love #16
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books


College age boa constrictor shifter Taolma Rabenau is quietly living with a gargoyle clutch at their mansion outside a small Colorado town.  After years and years of searching for his biological father, his efforts were rewarded when members of the clutch saved his dad from a traveling side show where the shifter was being held, caged, and abused.  Reuniting after so long, Taolma and his father are happily becoming reacquainted.


An altercation with a pair of Hunter’s brings the young shifter face to face with his mate in a small motel room.  Before the night ends his mate is brought back to the mansion for treatment after being injured by a gargoyle during a fight.  Dozens of stitches later Taolma learns that his mate, Quinn Pichousie has good reason to hate paranormals.  He joined the Hunters after his wife and little boy were killed by a rabid vampire.  Quinn swore vengeance and no matter the pull he feels towards Taolma he won’t stop until justice is served.


Though young, Taolma has patience and compassion in spades.  He manages to reach the broken Hunter, promising to help him find the guilty.  Taolma will do whatever it takes to keep his promise to heal his mate.


A childhood of searching for a loved one and the weight of a sorrowful mate bring a boa constrictor shifter to the tipping point in Coercing Quinn.  With strength and kindness Taolma proves worthy of his Hunter.  An inner core of steel, Taolma is the best and the perfect balance for a damaged human Hunter.  This is a solid, emotional romance.  Enjoy Coercing Quinn for the ‘feel good’ time it brings.

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