COIN OF THE REALM by Michael Murphy

COIN OF THE REALM by Michael MurphyCoin of the Realm by Michael Murphy
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Graduate student Timothy Mitchell has his sights on his political science degree at a Washington, D.C. university.  It is within his grip, almost.  Problem is Timothy didn’t expect everything to be so unbelievably expensive.  He’d scrimped and saved but now at the very end he’s broke even with two part-time jobs.


Grasping at straws, Timothy takes a job modeling at an art school – nude modeling.  For a short time he’s making ends meet, but eventually there’s a hiccup and he’s back to square one.  Next, he tries stripping, but that career is even shorter.  Finally, he goes on line and becomes an escort.  He doesn’t let himself think about what he’s doing, only the goal of getting his degree.


Then comes the night where Timothy must go through an inquisition before he even meets his client.  It’s a weird night to say the least and what’s even stranger is figuring out who the man was.  His identity is supposed to be a secret, but Timothy figures it out and the client wants to see him again.  So begins a relationship with the most powerful man in the country.  Everything is quietly working out until the night Timothy is kidnapped.


One is subjected to hell.  The other is wracked by guilt.  No matter what happens next, their lives will never be the same.


Accept the unlikeliest of romances and enjoy reading Coin of the Realm.  Author Michael Murphy is able to bring together a struggling grad student with the leader of the free world in a supremely inventive set up.  Their sexual relationship is hot and their unlikely attachment is allowed to slowly evolve into something more.  Timothy and Jared are thoroughly engaging and let the reader put their introduction in the past.  The student goes through a nightmare.  In the end Coin of the Realm entertains more than expected.

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