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COLD HARD SECRET by Sierra DeanCold Hard Secret by Sierra Dean
Series: Secret McQueen #7
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by Jo

Secret and Desmond have headed to Paris to find and get rid of Alexandre Peyton once and for all.  And after some fighting that only Secret can do, she and Desmond have accomplished their goal.  But there is some serious fall out, first off Desmond was harmed and the true background behind Secret’s heritage and her powers is on the vampire talking channels, the last thing she needs.


Now Secret finds out, after talking with Sig, some truths that she might have been better off not knowing and begins to question her entire life.  Just as this is all breaking, Secret has to rush to her grandmother’s side and deal with her mother’s wish to kill her once and for all.  If this isn’t enough to cause Secret a serious case of heartburn, she also must hurt one of her men by finally letting her heart make the choice it has been avoiding – Desmond or Holden.


Secret’s people she can trust is becoming a very small and tight circle and now her biggest critic on the Tribunal just might have the information he needs to destroy her once and for all.  As Secret’s life seems to be tumbling out of control and her worst enemies are being dealt with, it really is the love she has that is keeping Secret moving and going forward, the question is can that love truly save her or is Secret finally headed to a battle she won’t be able to survive?


Every dark cloud might have a silver lining, but silver is that last thing Secret would want around her.  Secret, Desmond, Holden and the rest all discover why secrets are for keeping especially when they can be so deadly when the secret gets out in Cold Hard Secret.  I have loved watching Secret grow and love during this series and this time I was really cheering for her as she finally defeated two of the biggest foes in her life.  However, at the same time I was hurting for her also – when the vampires find out about her heritage and when she must break the heart of one of her lovers.  I found many reasons to hope that Secret will come out on top and finally get to enjoy the love she has always wanted but I know that she still has to deal with the vampire Tribunal and that might not be a battle she can ultimately survive.  If you can’t tell, I am waiting for the final book in Secret’s journey with barely kept in patience.


Cold Hard Secret is action packed and loaded with many answers and results that Secret has been working towards and still there is the love that has been her mainstay that keeps everything from toppling over.  A must read for anyone who has been following Secret’s journey.

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