COLD TRUTH by T. A. Chase

COLD TRUTH by T. A. Chase
Cold Truth
by T. A. Chase

Series: Delarosa Secrets #3
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


Victor Delarosa was groomed from birth to become the next head of the Delarosa cartel by his brutal father.  Sacrificing Victor’s freedom his mother and younger brother snuck away to the U.S.  After his father’s death Victor was able to reach out to his brother who ironically had joined law enforcement in the States.


The world sees Victor as a ruthless Mexican cartel drug lord.  Everyone knows that Bieito Perez is his right hand man.  He makes sure that Victor’s orders are obeyed with intimidation, violence, or assassination.  For the past nineteen years Victor and Bieito have been lovers.  No one is aware of how much the two men love each other.  If anyone knew their lives would be forfeit in the savage world of the cartel.


The past comes back to haunt Victor when the son his college sweetheart bore twenty years ago is kidnapped.  Now the race is on to find Kamen before his cartel rival kills the college student.  Bieito is hurt that Victor kept such an important secret, but he’s setting his feelings aside to discover where the boy is being hidden.  And time is running out.


Vibrating with sexual tension Cold Truth consistently blazes with passion and drama.  Book three in the Delarosa Secrets series pits Victor and Bieito against a rival with deadly results.  The scandalous romance is mesmerizing.  Their pulse pounding race to save Victor’s son makes Cold Truth an absolute page turner.  Scant back story is the only problem in an otherwise addictive story.  Trying to place secondary characters slows the pacing at times.  Nevertheless, Cold Truth is a carnal, electrifying tale of love.  Dangerously sexy.

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