COLD WAR by Kiera Andrews

COLD WAR by Kiera Andrews
Cold War
by Kiera Andrews

Published by Loose Id Genres: Contemporary, MM
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Reviewed by Lisa

Years and years of sometimes tortuous repetition, burning muscles, and bruises lead to pairs ice skaters Bailey Robinson and Dev Avira, at the top of their game.  Their closest competition is the Russian pair Kisa Kostina and Mikhail Reznikov who always seem to come in first.  As they finish second at the Grand Prix Final in Japan, Dev and Bailey promise each other the Gold at the coming Olympics.  In a dark mood for coming so close in the Final yet not winning, Dev begins to talk trash to Mikhail in the restroom.  Passions of another kind unexpectedly explodes between them the moment their eyes meet, and the real Mikhail, aka Misha to those close to him, is revealed.  Both know that encounter can never happen again.


The Olympic Games is everything the skaters have worked towards.  Dev wishes he could totally concentrate on winning but another incendiary encounter with Misha scrambles his brain.  He can’t stop thinking of Misha, his taste, his touch.


That moment of weakness in Dev’s mind could ruin everything – all the years of sacrifice would go up in smoke.  And what about Bailey, it certainly isn’t fair to her that he can’t get his head in the game. Passion climaxes between Dev and Misha as the Gold slips away.  But from whom?


Heightened emotional drama draws readers right into Cold War.  The passionate tug of war between career and chemistry defines the pairs figure skaters in this deeply intensive story.  A fascinating peek into their world is balanced with a volatile love story spinning out of control.  Exciting characters breathe life into their sport and plotline.  Cold War will have you rooting for Dev and Misha to find happiness.

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