Cole in his Stocking
by Ellen Cross

Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #2
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Five years ago Adam lost the love of his life to an aneurysm.  It was so senseless. Declan went to sleep and never woke.  They may not have been mates in the truest sense but their love was real.  With the holidays approaching Adam knows it’s past time to get rid of the old Christmas decorations Declan kept stored in the attic.  Taking the dusty old boxes of stuff to the dumpster behind his apartment actually lightens Adam’s heart once he’s finished.  Even letting go of a few pieces of Declan’s forgotten, moth eaten clothing wasn’t as painful as he thought it would be.   It’s time to make new memories, maybe even help decorate at the Delta Rehabilitation Centre.


Spending his free time at the Centre gives Adam a sense of purpose.  A unique hybrid Adam is a wolf shifter and human with some Wiccan thrown in.  Though not a natural healer he seems to have an uncanny skill picking out the right herbs or concoction to help someone ill or injured.


An elderly neighbor’s cat has become Adam’s night time companion these days.  This particular evening the cat is acting weird.  Humoring the cat’s behavior becomes a blessing in disguise when he discovers a vampire dying in his dumpster.  Cole Gantry, a newly turned vampire and Adam’s true mate. Surrounded by dusty boxes from the past is the wolf hybrid’s future, but only if he can save Cole.


Cole in his Stocking is absolutely addicting.  Readers are treated to an entertaining blend of romance, suspense and before the end there are clever twists for additional storyline pleasure.  Adam and Cole bring heavy baggage to their relationship and work through their issues together as the story evolves.  Between an exciting plotline, likeable characters, and the temptation of more Cole in his Stocking is a clear cut winner.

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