Comforting His Restless Stallion by Charlie Richards

Comforting His Restless Stallion by Charlie RichardsComforting His Restless Stallion by Charlie Richards
Series: A Paranormal's Love #22
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Hanging in chains, brutally whipped and beaten Baron Vanern awaits death.  One day bleeds into another for the dying horse shifter. Someone touches him, speaks to him and Baron believes his torturers have returned.  

The shifter has actually been saved and brought to Chieftain Maelgwn’s gargoyle clutch in Colorado Springs.  Baron and his best friend tried to overthrow a cruel alpha. Now his friend is dead and Baron’s barely alive.  He refused to give the location of his friend’s family and almost paid the ultimate price.

It seems fate has rewarded the injured shifter in the form of his mate, an orange- shaded gargoyle training to become a healer for the clutch.  Conchlin managed to leave his birth clutch where intolerance of his small size meant he’d never have a decent chance to find his mate. Finding Baron proves all the hard work and subterfuge had been worth it. 

Sweet, easy going Conchlin has met his match in the alpha horse shifter who’s uneasy with certain aspects of their mating.  As the courtship begins further complications arise in the form of the little gargoyle’s birth Chieftain and his own father and brother.  Fighting for survival pales in comparison to fighting for one’s own mate. Baron has no intention of losing his mate, no matter their personal difficulties.  Mates are forever.
Comforting His Restless Stallion isn’t easy, nor are the many roadblocks to romance for the deserving little gargoyle Conchlin. It’s an uphill battle for Baron and Conchlin in this character driven tale where a particular mating practice proves awkward for the proud Alpha.  Conchlin’s past also catches up with him and puts their true mating in further jeopardy. There are a multitude of tense moments in Comforting His Restless Stallion yet nothing compares to the joyous feelings Baron and Conchlin share together.  

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  1. Helena says:

    By stallion, do you mean a real horse ? just kiding 🙂

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