COMING BACK by Lauren Dane

COMING BACK by Lauren Dane
Coming Back
by Lauren Dane

Series: Ink and Chrome #3
Published by Forever Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Jessi Frankli, costume and wedding dress designer, has recently moved back to Seattle.  There were several reasons Jessi came back, one was to be near her family again and the other is to see if maybe she can reconnect to the men she gave her heart to many years ago.  Jessi and her family are always willing to help anyone who might need it and to bring them into their family.  This is exactly how Jessi met both Mick and Adam when they were younger.  They became lovers at one point, but then both of the men’s pasts crumbled Jessi’s world and they both left her.


Mick Roberts, the newest partner at Twisted Steel’s custom hotrod and motorcycle shop after he left the military.  Mick knows that he has been messed-up emotionally from his youth, and he has been working very hard to come to terms with the past and what he wants his future to be.  Mick also knows that he is the reason that Jessi’s heart was broken—that he was the one who put the first hole in their relationship.  Then Mick left to join the military to try and understand himself.


Adam Gulati, architect who came from a rich family, which doesn’t mean that he wasn’t one of the lost that Jessi and her family helped when he was younger. Out of the three of them, Adam should have been the foundation that could and would hold him, Jessi, and Mick together.  However, when Mick left, Adam struggled with his emotions and eventually he drifted away from Jessi.  Adam has spent the last several years learning about just what he needed in a relationship and how to get it and keep it.


The night that Twisted Steel had a huge party for their new building was the night that Jessi, Mick, and Adam reconnected both in public and in private.  While they all still have feelings for each other, they all know that it will take hard work and a lot of understanding before they can begin to have what they started years before.  Each one of them is a leg of the relationship and offers something the others need. While the three of them are working at forming the life they always wanted, each has burdens that they must overcome, both together and separately.  Mick gained his new balance from his good friends at Twisted Steel, friends that Jessi and Adam soon find as their own, too.  As the weeks pass, Adam, Jessi, and Mick have the beginnings of a very special and loving relationship.  However, there is one final thing that needs to be dealt with before the three of them can go forward with their lives.  While one will have to do it, the other two will be right there to help and heal them—just as it should be.


Three teens fell in love, only to separate as early adults, and now they have another chance to have it all—if they can find the answers that each needs to believe and trust in that love. Jessi, Mick, and Adam will not only find that, but a lot more in Coming Back.  From the previous books in the series, I knew that Mick had a very troubled past and one that made him run for a while.  I hoped that he would find what he needed, because I had fallen for the hard-luck bad boy.  After meeting Jessi, I immediately loved her quirky personality, and Adam impressed me with his inner strength and willingness to use it in a loving way to bring Mick and Jessi what they needed.  Watching as Jessi, Adam, and Mick worked through each and every one of their issues and that with each victory their love only became stronger, made it hard to put the book down when I needed to.  This is one threesome that needs to be together; they complement each other in so many ways that I really can’t explain.  You just really need to read their story and see how right they are for each other.  Coming Back is a ‘second chance at love’ story, but it’s so much more, too.  It’s friendships; it’s family you make—not just what you are born with and, of course, it’s a deep love.

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