COMMANDED by Stacey Kennedy

COMMANDED by Stacey Kennedy
by Stacey Kennedy

Series: Club Sin
Published by Loveswept Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Source: Publisher


Sawyer Quinn is one of Las Vegas’ finest, otherwise known as a dedicated cop.  But Sawyer also has a side of him that only a few people know of, which is that he has been in the BDSM lifestyle for many years and right now is one of the six Masters in Club Sin.  Sawyer really can’t imagine his life without Club Sin in it and his many close friends from there.  But he is very attracted to a sexy, sweet and from all appearances, innocent woman who has no idea about that lifestyle, and Sawyer knows that not pursuing the attraction is a non-starter.


Chloe Nash is a sexy private investigator who works for one of the Club Sin masters. She just doesn’t know it.  During one of her last investigations, which was to help get the woman her boss loves out of danger, Chloe met up with one of Porter’s friends, and he was hot enough to turn her head even in the hot house atmosphere of Vegas.  When Sawyer finally asks her out, Chloe puts her heart at risk, and accepts.


As Sawyer and Chloe get to know each other and become closer, Sawyer instinctively knows that Chloe just is not built for the BDSM lifestyle.  When Chloe learns of Sawyer’s lifestyle, she is amazed and even more so to find out her boss and his girlfriend are also part of it.  Sawyer is at a crossroads: he can either destroy the very sweetness that attracted him to Chloe by inserting her into the club scene ,or he can give up Club Sin as an everyday part of his life.  Chloe is afraid that if Sawyer gives up something he loves for her, that it will eventually destroy the love they have, and she tries to see if she could be a part of Sawyer’s life in this also.  For Sawyer, the decision has been made; for Chloe, she needs to find a way to accept Sawyer’s decision.  Can both of these decisions be incorporated so that the love between Sawyer and Chloe will have a chance to grow, or will they tear apart that same budding love?


When a strong dominate meets a sexy innocent, love is the outcome, but will it be enough to bring their worlds together?  Sawyer and Chloe will discover the answer to this in Commanded.  I knew it would take a special woman to handle and love all the parts of Sawyer.  I was proven correct as I read Sawyer and Chloe’s story.  I loved watching as Sawyer struggled with his decision on his devotion to Chloe and his need for domination and especially how he solved it in a way that was a plus for all.  Chloe I found to be a strong and the perfect other half to Sawyer, and yet I really loved that she could admit and accept her boundaries on what she could deal with and what she could not.  While their ending was not expected, I found it was perfect for them.  Three cheers to Ms. Kennedy for giving us an ending that was right for this couple even if it was most unusual for a Club Sin book.  Commanded is a wonderful erotic journey as two worlds find a way to combine in happiness, friendship and most of all, passion.

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