COMPELLED by Jo Tannah

COMPELLED by Jo TannahCompelled by Jo Tannah
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

A native of the planet X’aron, where dreams aid in finding a true mate, Q’lan is put to the test when his soul mate is found on Earth.  The first time they touch awareness Q’lan reaches out to Ryan and they connect.


The Earth is toxic to Q’lan.  But given that he will only have a single mate in his long lifetime the alien accepts the difficult task ahead of him.  Q’lan will have three and only three chances to persuade Ryan to join him on X’aron and leave his life on Earth behind.  The alternative condemns them both.


Imagination takes flight as a unique true love unfolds in Compelled.  Emotional highs and despondent lows mark this original tale.  Between the steady presence of Q’lan and the heartache Ryan suffers lies a difficult journey.  A quick otherworldly story Compelled twists and races towards a satisfying conclusion.

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